A Huge Success!

Our very first General Meeting of the Mirage PTSA was a huge success! We would like to thank everyone that took time away from their families to join us. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

We discussed our Bylaws(State regulations), our Standing Rules(our rules of operation specific to us) and our Budget for the 2017-2018 school. We submitted these items to our General board members for approval and all passed by unanimous vote. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

We also discussed our Calendar of Events and Fundraisers for the upcoming school year, our need for more volunteers and how important our Box Top Drive and Cookie Dough Fundraiser are to support our planned events. We hope they will be even more successful for us this year! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR OUR FLYERS AND THOSE COOKIE DOUGH ORDER FORMS!!

We reviewed dates for our next General Meeting and increased the number of meetings held per year from 3 to 4 by unanimous vote! We are excited to see more parental involvement this year in the inner workings of the Mirage PTSA. Our second General Meeting will take place on Thursday October 12, 2017 in the Mirage Library. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

As always feel free to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions at

Have a great weekend Mirage families!




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