Parking and Dismissal Update

Kindergarten and 1ST-3RD grade have started¬† IN PERSON LEARNING! Yay! We’re so excited to be back on campus!

There are tons of emails coming from Mirage and District regarding new procedures so be sure to check your emails often.

Dismissal times have changed slightly to reduce the congestion of students. The back gate is now available for drop off and pick up as well, for 1st-6th graders. Both of these are shown in the picture below.

Please follow the blue lines and park along the blue curbs only for drop off/pick up. There is a north loop and south loop available for drop off/pick up. To ensure safety and reduce congestion, do not park on the blue curb or leave your car unattended. Drop off/pick up is designed to be quick. If you like to walk your child to the gate or see that your child makes it to the gate, consider parking your car instead of using the drop off/pick up lanes.

The bay at the front of the school is FOR DAYCARE VANS ONLY! Please do not use this for drop off/pick up or parking!

As always, BE KIND to each other and school staff in the parking lot. Patience is a virtue!

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